Voordat een databank aangekocht wordt, doorloopt die steeds een trial-fase waarin ze door onderzoekers van de faculteit wordt getest.

Databanken die momenteel in trial-fase zitten vind je hieronder. De Facultaire Bibliotheekcommissie beslist na afloop van de trial-fase of de databank al dan niet wordt aangekocht.

Aankoopsuggesties van databanken en technische problemen bij trials:

Women and social movements library

South Asia Archive

  • Loopt van 8 april tot 8 mei 2019
  • The South Asia Archive provides an extensive resource for students and scholars across the humanities and social sciences.
  • Focusing on South Asia, the Archive contains both serial and non-serial materials, including reports, rare books, and journal runs from noteworthy, rare publications. The documents in the Archive are truly interdisciplinary, reflecting the varied range of knowledge production in colonial and early post-colonial India in fields including:
    •    culture & society
    •    industry & economy
    •    science, technology & medicine
    •    urban planning & administration
    •    politics & law
  • Comprising material sourced from collectors and archivists in India by the South Asia Research Foundation, this Archive brings together a wealth of important primary content. In addition to its value in individual research, the Archive offers instructors an outstanding opportunity to include a range of primary archival materials in their syllabi.