Voordat een databank aangekocht wordt, doorloopt die steeds een trial-fase waarin ze door onderzoekers van de faculteit wordt getest.

Databanken die momenteel in trial-fase zitten vind je hieronder. De Facultaire Bibliotheekcommissie beslist na afloop van de trial-fase of de databank al dan niet wordt aangekocht.

Aankoopsuggesties van databanken en technische problemen bij trials:

Women and Social Movements, International: 1840 to Present

  • Loopt van  03/09/2019 tot 03/10/2019
  • Women and Social Movements, International is a landmark collection of primary materials drawn from almost 300 repositories. The collection illustrates how women have created new forms of transnational citizenship far different from internationally male-dominated diplomatic and commercial activities. Assembled and cross-searchable for the first time, these resources illuminate vast areas of modern history. Through the writings of women activists, their personal letters and diaries, and the proceedings of conferences at which pivotal decisions were made, Women and Social Movements, International lets students and researchers see how women’s social movements shaped many of the events and attitudes that have defined modern life.

Chinese and English Newspaper of Modern China 1850-1949

  • Loopt van 03/09/2019 tot 03/11/2019
  • CNBKSY of Shanghai Library has been renowned for its huge e-collection of Chinese Periodical Full-text Database 1833-1949 (晚清民国期刊数据库). Their new database collection "Chinese and English Newspaper of Modern China 1850-1949" includes the following newspapers:
    • The North-China Daily News & Herald Newspapers and Hong Lists
    • The Republican Daily
    • Central Daily News
    • The Shanghai Times
    • The Shanghai Evening Post & Mercury
    • The Shanghai Evening Courier
    • Shanghai Courier & China Gazette
    • Shanghai Courier
    • Sin Wan Pao
    • The Eastern Times
    • The China Press
    • The Tabloids

Confidential Print: Africa, 1834-1966

  • Periode: 06/09/2019-04/10/2019
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    • Password: AMDaccess
  • Complete volumes of all British Government Confidential Print for Africa, from the Colonial, Dominion, Foreign and War Offices.
  • From coastal trading in the early nineteenth century, through the Conference of Berlin of 1884 and the subsequent Scramble for Africa, to the abuses of the Congo Free State, fights against tropical disease, Italy's defeat by the Abyssinians, World War II, apartheid in South Africa and colonial moves towards independence, this resource covers the modern period of European colonization of the continent. These government documents are essential sources for the study of African history and the understanding of Africa today.

Confidential Print: Middle East, 1839-1969

  • Periode: 06/09/2019-04/10/2019
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    • Username: GhentTrial
    • Password: AMDaccess
  • Complete volumes of all British Colonial Office and Foreign Office Confidential Print for the Middle East.
  • From the Egyptian reforms of Muhammad Ali Pasha, the Middle East Conference of 1921, the Mandates of Palestine and Mesopotamia and the Suez Crisis in 1956, to the partition of Palestine, post- Suez Western foreign policy and the Arab-Israeli conflict these government documents inform the volatile situation in the region today.
  • Taking in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant, Iraq, Turkey and many of the former Ottoman lands in Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt and Sudan, we include materials from the various committees on Mesopotamia and Palestine, on Transjordan and the military base at Aden, on Syria and the Lebanon, and on the Passfield Report of 1930 and the early phases of the Arab League after 1945