Bachelor-en Masterproef suggesties Levi Haeck


All topics related to Kant and transcendental philosophy, but especially:


  • The debate on the qualification of logic in terms of ‘organon’, ‘canon’, and ‘scientia’
  • 21st century attempts to formalize Kant’s logic (and his transcendental logic)
  • Analytic vs synthetic judgments
  • Kant’s analysis of the ‘four syllogistic figures’ of medieval Aristotelean logic

Transcendental logic

  • The categories of the understanding
  • Judgment (in all its forms)
  • The Kantian notion of ‘logical function’
  • The transcendental deduction
  • The Paralogisms of Pure Reason
  • The concept of orientation
  • Kant’s Lectures on Metaphysics
  • Kant’s Lectures on Logic
  • Kant’s Opus Postumum
  • Issues concerning organization, life, organic bodies
  • The sublime


  • *Kantian number-theory
  • The qualification of mathematics in terms of a priori synthetic judgments, in comparison with the Leibnizian idea of mathematics as a form of calculus …

    Feel free to write me for further details, clarifications, and literature.