Bachelor-en Masterproef suggesties Steven Piek


  • empirical- and normative (bio)ethics (around human reproduction);
  • (post)phenomenology;
  • Husserlian phenomenology
  • (narrative)hermeneutics (MacIntyre, Ricoeur, Heidegger...) & narrative theories of self;
  • temporal experience and its historicity (Koselleck) in relation to modern technicity/technology (e.g. Idhe c.q. mediatization)
  • ethics/morality in narrative public discourse (MacIntyre, Walter Fisher)
  • Sustainability ethics (i.e. 'climate change')
  • Critique/discourse on (post)modernity (e.g. Habermas, Latour...)
  • social (meta-)critique and human action theory (Luc Boltanski(!), Arendt, Giddens...);