DE DIGITALE TRANSITIE IS MENSENWERK – Research into the requirements for (re) using digital cultural content in society

digital cultural content
data reuse

This research project for the Flemish department of Culture, Youth and Media started from the central question into the conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to create and sustain an innovative digital ecosystem for the creation, distribution, use and re-use of digital cultural content. Too often this analysis is narrowed down to the technical requirements (metadata, other standards or repositories) while other conditions such as knowledge, skills and attitudes are often underdeveloped. This research project wanted to gain insights in these requirements in terms of (1) offering digital cultural content to others domains outside of the cultural field, (2) usage of digital cultural content in other domains. Therefore the overarching research question of this project was: “Which conditions need to be met by the cultural sector in order to fulfill the needs of parties who are interested in using or re-using digital cultural content?”.

We at imec-mict-UGent were involved in all the phases of this research project. We collaborated with the project partners in creating a state-of-the art document, we were involved in the (qualitative) study of two case studies (education and research) and we participated in the validation activities within the project.

The full report of this project is freely available on the website of the Flemish community, see (pdf).

Partners: UGent research groups GhentCDH & Cultuur & Educatie

Duration:  6 months (June - December 2018)

Contact: Peter Mechant