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Exchanges in 2020-2021 Semester two

We regret to inform you that Ghent University has decided to cancel all study exchanges for the second semester of the academic year 2020-2021.

The current critical COVID-19 situation has forced Ghent University to take this decision. There are several reasons why study exchanges (both incoming and outgoing) are impossible in the current circumstances. The health situation, travel restrictions, local and national restrictions in daily life and, most important of all, the uncertainty regarding on campus or online educational activities have made it impossible for us to continue exchange programs. This impossibility has been underpinned by the feedback from our current first-semester exchange students about the difficulties they face in coping with this ever-changing reality.
We regret that we have had to make this decision. But these unforeseen circumstances unfortunately have forced us to take unprecedented and difficult choices. We wish you nevertheless a lot of success in your studies.

Incoming exchange students

Degree seeking students:

Information for international students who want to study at our Faculty of Political and Social sciences and obtain a Ghent University degree.

Outgoing exchange students:

Feeling good at PS UGent

Feeling good at Ghent University

Things to do

Study and work places

Voluntary work

  • Can I work as a volunteer? Contact the job service of UGent for more information (
  • Where can I work as a volunteer?
    • AFD Ghent, a non-profit organization advocating for social entrepreneurship. Check their website or contact them directly via mail ( to discuss the possibilities.
    • Check the website of Ghent for volunteering oportunities in the city (website in Dutch)
    • Do you want to make our university more sustainable? Join the sustainability department.
    • Are you a plantlover? Contact the hortulana of the UGent Botanical garden for more information.

International Relations Office (IRO UGent)

  • Students can get assistance from the International Support Team (part of the IRO at institutional level)
  • Exchange students can contact RIO office 
  • International degree students can contact