Exchange abroad for degree students at PSS - UGent

travelling abroad - CORONA

  • None of Ghent University's students will get permission to travel abroad within the framework of their studies next academic year. An approved exchange application, an accepted nomination by your host institution, a positive signal from your internship organisation or the granting of a scholarship are all conditional for the time being.
  • Ghent University will communicate at the beginning of each month for the next month if international mobility is possible (depending on changing Belgian and other national government policies). 
  • As the situation evolves, Ghent University will decide on a case by case basis if international mobility is possible for its students, depending on the national government policies of the sending and receiving institutions.
  • At this moment, all procedures of preparing international mobility for next academic year are continued, so as to be prepared, when government policies change. Any mobility / learning agreement is with a disclaimer that this is under the condition that the general lockdown and travel restrictions are lifted.
  • Disclaimer:  

    But now that the whole world and higher education in particular are affected by the consequences of the corona pandemic, we cannot ignore its impact. Currently, the Belgian government prohibits non-essential travel and the situation at many foreign universities or organisations is very uncertain. This means that, for the time being, no student of Ghent University will be allowed to travel abroad as part of their studies next academic year. This means that for the time being coming to Ghent University is not possible and only an explicit message from the Ghent University crisis management group stating that you are allowed to come can give you permission to do so.

  • Given the situation we encourage students not to make any financial commitments

International mobility during CORONA

Going abroad for studies - UGent

Going Abroad for study, research, internship - Registration is mandatory

  • Register your stay abroad no later than 2 months before departure in the exchange application in Oasis

Information session - Going Abroad for study

Information on exchange application and funding opportunities for exchanges in 2021-2022 will be announced

  • Relevant information and presentations how to apply in oasis can be found on UFORA Welcome Abroad

Exchange @ Home

Online or virtual mobility is possible for internship or research. Please apply by filling in the details of your exchange in OASIS/exchange application and add COR curriculum component realisation. More information contact

Study abroad - Outgoing exchange mobility for study 

Scholarships UGent for an exchange within EU

Erasmus+ scholarship

  • For each cycle (Ba-Ma-PhD) a scholarship can be awarded:
  • STUDY (f.i. min. 90 days, max. 12 months)
  • The same student may receive grants for mobility periods totaling up to 12 months maximum per cycle of study (traineeship and studies).

Scholarships UGent for an exchange outside EU:

  • Mobility outside Europe via Bilateral Agreements

All opportunities and information - Check the roadmaps of UGent for international mobility

Yearly calls for mobility grants outside EU (deadline 4 March and second limited call deadline 1/12/2021)

  • information on UFORA Welcome Abroad
  • Application and guidelines 


study abroad destinations in the faculty PS (map in Dutch)

Application via oasis exchange - application deadlines: 

usually February for exchange stays next year either sem 1, sem 2 or year


Exchange abroad for Master Global Studies

  • Students without an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship can apply for an exchange and an Erasmus+ scholarship in the institution of MA1.  Please follow instructions of your sending institution regarding Erasmus + scholarship.
  • Students with a 3rd semester mobility must contact the institution of MA2 for administration and possible scholarships as this will be the sending institution for the 3rd semester mobility. 
  • Students at UGent during MA1 or MA2 with 3rd sem mobility follow the application procedure mentioned above (study abroad)

Ma1 EMGS at UGent can apply for a Erasmus+scholarship before February. 

  • exchange application in OASIS
  • document learning agreement is not necessary for double degree students EM Global Studies
  • student receiving an Erasmus Mundus scholarship cannot apply for an Erasmus+ credit mobility scholarship as double funding from the EC for the same activity/mobility cannot be allowed.cannot
  • Relevant information and presentations how to apply in oasis can be found on UFORA KMEMGS infosite/content/erasmus and exchange application
  • Information session for EMGS MA1 - Wednesday 9/12/2020 3.30 PM

Ma2 EMGS at UGent 

  • Follow the Erasmus scholarship application at institution of Master 1. No need to apply as incoming exchange at UGent for Master 2.
  • document learning agreement is not necessary for double degree students EM Global Studies
  • other documents - contact
  • 3rd semester mobility outside EU - exchange application - contact
  • End of your stay documents for Erasmus scholarship:
    • forward your document certificate of stay to or for a signature 
    • Transcript of Records can be downloaded from OASIS and will be send to the Coordinator in Leipzig.

Internship during EM Global Studies?

  • within EMGS at UGent an internship is only allowed on an extra-curricular basis, follow the guidelines of the faculty and UGent for voluntary internships

Exchange Abroad in Master Sociology (EN)

Currently only an internship abroad is possible no exchanges for study.

Exchange Abroad in Master Conflict and Development (EN)

Currently only research stays abroad are possible no exchanges for study.

Internships abroad during your studies

Scholarship programmes for internships within EU

    • Erasmus Traineeship: for internships within the Erasmus area, you can receive an scholarship depending on location and availability. The internship has to last for min. 2 months and needs to be part of your study programme.
    • Deadline: you need to apply for this scholarship in February for internships in Semester 1 and Autumn for internships during Semester 2.
    • At the time of application you do not need to have found an internship already (the internship place can be added ultimately 6 weeks before the start of the internship). Please make your application in Oasis (under Curriculum (next year) > Exchange > trainee – select institution: not yet decided in EU).
    • An Erasmus Traineeship must be arranged in direct contact with responsible for the programme in the department or research group. This means that students are responsible for the initial contact to the relevant promotors, researcher or research group and for planning their Erasmus Traineeship. Please note that :
        • Erasmus Traineeship students are not allowed to sign up for courses abroad
        • There must be a connection with your study programme either as credits for your internship or as part of a course (see form COR curriculum component realisation (curriculumonderdeelrealisatie in Dutch).
        • Upload the approval of the lecturer (written approval can be a mail) in the exchange application in oasis (documents > others > approval lecturer for internship) and contact to select your exchange application.

Scholarship programmes for internships outside EU

      • You can also apply for a scholarship for internships outside of the Erasmus area. The internship with a min stay of min. 1 month and connect to your curriculum for min 5 ECTS. You need to apply for this scholarship one academic year before the academic year when the internship takes place. At the time of application you do need to have found an internship already. Yearly application deadline beginning of March for internships during the next academic year. Exemption: second deadline 1/12 for applicants who could not apply in March (academic reason and only limited scholarships available during second deadline). More information
      • Flanders Trainee Programme: for internships at an International Organisation.
      • Work Placement scholarships for Asia - ASEM work placement

    Internship as part of your curriculum

    Internship abroad in EU after your studies

    A traineeship after graduation with support of an Erasmus+ grant can offer an alternative.
    To apply for this grant it is very important to register during your graduation year. Registration is impossible after graduation.
    Even if you do not have concrete traineeship plans we strongly recommend to register anyway to keep their chances for a grant application safe in case travel restrictions are eased.

    Get registered for this grant before you are officially (via OASIS) informed about your final study results through the online platform of Flanders Traineeship Platform, the Flemish international traineeship platform. Registration only takes a few minutes. The finalization of the grant application can be done in a later phase when traineeship plans have become more concrete, even after graduation.

    More information to be found on or

    If you have any questions contact

    Going abroad for research for master's dissertation or fieldwork 

    Preparation of your stay abroad

    Summer/Winter Schools

    During the holidays it is possible to participate in a Summer/Winter School on a voluntary basis.

    You can browse in the offer of short programmes the faculty received via sharepoint database or check online.

    After attending you can register your voluntary Summer/Winter School in the faculty database here or browse online in relevant offer of short study programmes.

    Summer/Winter schools can be accepted as an elective course - please contact the Chair of the educational committee of your study field.

    Insurance and safety for students going abroad

    UGent information on travel insurance

    UGent information on health insurance


    Cooperation with the Global South

    Global Minds offers a wide range of funding opportunities for students, PhDs, post-docs and professors who want to engage with topics of South-North collaboration, Globalisation and Development in their research and/or teaching activities.

    Funds can be requested to organize student activities, travels to the Global South for partnerships and collaboration, organizing workshops, doing fieldwork in the Global South, developing innovative teaching tools to strengthen intercultural competences, etc. In short, there are multiple opportunities!


    On Tuesday 29th of October 2020 the faculty commission of internationalization organised a short information session on the new Global Minds call for applications

    The call can be found here:

    Deadline for submission is passed


    Please check out the PPT presentations from the info-session as well as the session recording:

    For further questions on the GM call, please contact