Symposium 'GAPSYM16: Knowledge production, research ethics and authorship in African contexts'

For whom
Alumni , Employees , Private individuals , Students
13-11-2023 09:00 to 14-11-2023 22:00
Online + School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape, Cape Town (South Africa)
Africa Platform of Ghent University Association

This conference organised by the Africa Platform focuses on challenges in academic knowledge-production when collaborating with African colleagues.

This 16th multi-disciplinary conference of the AUGent Africa Platform will be co-organised by the University of the Western Cape. It hopes to showcase how scientists, policy makers, engineers, artists, writers, opinion makers and educators reflect on the highly topical subject of knowledge production and authorship in Africa.

This conference will explicitly be a platform to engage on this topic, also beyond the academia, including the organisation of writeshops, round tables and seminars to rethink existing paradigms on the position African research takes in scholarly production.

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