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What we offer

The PhD Career Hub portal is designed to support PhDs and postdoc researchers in preparing their next career step. We provide information on academic careers and careers beyond academia. The platform also contains guidance for entrepreneurial researchers who are looking to bring their research to the market.

PhD Career Hub intro visualThe portal offers you step-by-step directions to guide you in your journey:

  • Explore yourself. The first part is devoted to exploring who you are. Only when you have a good idea about your own strengths, motivations and values can you start exploring the job market and finding a sitable job. These insights will be your primary directions to navigate the job market.
  • Explore what’s out there. The second step is to discover career options in academia and beyond that fit your professional self-understanding. Take the time to scope out various career opportunities, find out more about what a particular job entails and what different company cultures are out there. This will open up opportunitiesand help you explore the job market with confidence.
  • Focus. The third step is all about setting a goal and focusing on how to get there. This encompasses learning and development, broadening your professional network and showcasing your talents. Your actions in this stage will set you up for success when the time comes to start applying for your next role
  • Action. The work you've done so far will help you present yourself to potential employers and shine at every stage of the application process. Step four deals with applying for jobs, including writing your CV and cover letter and preparing for the job interview.

Where to start?

Treat your career search with the same methodological approach and vigour as you do your own research project.

Although we recommend that you start by exploring yourself, the career cycle is a dynamic and flexible process and you may find yourself moving back and forth between the various stages.

Bear in mind that your career development process doesn’t end once you have landed a new job. Keep the cycle in mind when at some point you may want to explore other options in your career, or if you decide to change careers.

If at any time you feel lost remember that finding ways to maintain a positive mindset can help you stay on track.

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