Internet in the Halls of Residence: FAQ

House rules, configuration data and contact details of helpdesk in case of issues with your internet connection.

High-speed internet connection by cable

  1. Configure your computer to obtain IP settings (IP address and DNS server address) automatically. 
    In most cases, this is the default setting. You must be able to surf to 
  2. No VPN-connection is necessary for these homes.
    Please note that if you do set up a VPN-connection, certain bandwidth limitations should be kept in mind!
  3. Secure your computer and please note the house rules, linked to the use of the internet. 


  1. Select the 'eduroam' network and enter your login or email address and your UGent password when asked 
    (DO NOT FORGET "").


    The first time you connect, you will be asked whether you trust the certificate that is presented by the network appears. This is a normal security question. The certificate is TERENA SSL CA 3. The "radius server" is Accept the certificate.

  3. After changing your password, you will have to delete the Eduroam profile and reconnect
  4. Technical information at UGent:
  • Network Name/SSID: eduroam (lower case!) (is broadcast)
  • Security Type: WPA2 in combination with IEEE 802.1X (also known as WPA2-Enterprise)
  • Encryption Type: AES
  • Authentication method: PEAP
  • Authentication protocol: MSCHAP / Sub authentication method: EAP-MSCHAP V2
    Detailed settings for each type of device and/or operating system.

 5. Please note the house rules, linked to the use of the internet. 


For a speedy follow-up, please fill in a web form of the support desk of Studenten Internet (select English) 
Please always mention your home and room number. 

T +32 9 395 60 00. 

In case a neighbour can connect in your room, but you cannot, you can bring along your device to the DICT Helpdesk.