Rooms in Bruges

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The information regarding accommodation in Bruges will be automatically sent to all students, of all enrolment types, with an application in OASIS. 

Location: Bruges 

Bruges is the Capital City of the neighbouring province West-Flanders. It is, as a Unesco World Heritage City, not only an international metropolis, it is a lovely city with a vibrant student life

The offered living units: Room Plus

  • Living units with private toilet and shower.
  • Fully furnished rooms: a single-person (90*200) bed, a mattress and a rack for clothes.
  • Pillow and bed linen are not provided.
  • You can certainly add some furniture yourself since there's quite a big second-hand market in Flanders, but you have to sell these again when you leave the living unit.

Please find some photo's in the portlets on this page. 

The accommodation

As in every building, there are of course rules to keep the peace and order among all residents. Please find the bundle with the House Rules and read them carefully.

  • Each floor houses 18 students.
  • The kitchen is a communal space in the centre of the hallway.
  • Next to each room and throughout the building, there are designated areas where you can draw (with chalk!) messages and communicate with your fellow students.
  • Downstairs is a common room for leisure activities. The leisure room has a pool table and offers space to watch movies together or play games.
  • There is a closed garage, where you have a designated place for your bike (if needed).
  • There's a Student Coach on the premises, who is your main point of contact. The coach will help you out when you arrive and with any questions that might arise during your stay. 
  • In the neighbourhood of the accommodation you will find a bike rental shop, the administrative services of the City of Bruges, grocery stores, sports facilities, snack bars and pubs.
  • Supermarkets (e.a. Delhaize, Carrefour, Lidl, Aldi, Spar, Smatch & Colruyt) and laundrettes (e.g. Bubbels, Trendy Wash Primus, St Bavo, ‘t Zeepbelletje) are situated in the vicinity. Entertainment in Bruges: In&uit


There are dozens of train rides a day between Ghent and Bruges. The first train leaves Bruges around 4 a.m. and the last train leaves Ghent around 1 a.m. 
The trip only takes around 25 minutes and the residence is moreover only a 2 minutes' walk away from the train station in Bruges.

In Belgium, there is no need to book your train tickets (far) in advance. Depending on your classes in Ghent, there are multiple options for students under 26 years to get cheaper train tickets

  • With the Student Season Ticket of three months, you can attend classes with complete freedom at a student rate of € 89 for three months. 
  • In case you travel 2 or 3 times a week, the Student Multi Card (Campus Card) is your best option: travel 5 times outbound and 5 returns in a 49-days period on the same trajectory for € 11.40
  • Travelling occasionally as a youngster (under 26 years old) will cost you € 7.10 with a Youth Ticket (Go Pass) to any destination in Belgium.
Beware, train fares for those aged 26 or over are significantly higher.

Within both Ghent and Bruges, you can easily get anywhere by bike or on foot. In Bruges especially, the city centre is only ten minutes away after a stroll through the park.
If you need a bike in Ghent, you can choose between multiple options and periods at both De Fietsambassade and SwapFiets in Ghent. 

Tenancy agreement

There is no risk of scamming possible and no hassle is involved for you.

  • The rent is €485/month.

All costs for internet, water, electricity and gas are included.

  • You live together with fellow students.

A Student Coach is living in the building for your questions and problems. Please read the House Rules carefully!

  • You can use the address as your domicile once you arrived at the residence.

Follow the instructions from the Migration Office of City Bruges. You will receive this information at check-in.

  • There is no deposit to be paid.

In case of damages, you will get charged by invoice upon your check-out.

  • You get automatically additional fire insurance on your agreement with us, without fees.
  • Your rental term will be for the period as you applied for in Oasis.

This offer is offered on a first come first served basis.

Make an informed decision: agreeing with the terms and conditions as mentioned on this webpage is a legally binding agreement. 

Would you like to rent a room in Bruges? Fill in and send back this email template!

What to do after you receive confirmation?

  • After you have sent the email template, the Housing Office will send you a confirmation email. Follow the instructions and SIGN the agreement within 48 hours. After 48 hours, the offer will be cancelled and an administrative fee of 75 euro will be due.
  • You will receive an additional email with a counter-signed agreement shortly after signing. In case that you would cancel your reservation (after signing the agreement), 2 month’s rent will be due. An exception is granted for students who cancelled their mobility program.
  • Book your flights and figure out how you will reach Bruges. If you want to take the train, please find the schedule here. You don't need to pass by the Housing Office in Ghent, with your reservation letter/tenancy agreement you can go straight to the Residence in Bruges. 
  • After sending us your signed agreement, you will receive an email with guidelines regarding your check-in. You will need to arrange an appointment for your check-in with the Student Coach.