Borrow a laptop through the Social Services

Need a laptop

You will need a laptop for education at Ghent University.

For most courses, a well-functioning basic laptop is sufficient, for some courses a more advanced model is necessary.

This can certainly mean a big chunk out your budget at the start of the academic year.

Borrow a laptop

Ghent University provides the option of borrowing a laptop  for a short period (maximum 12 months) via the Social Services.

Who is eligible?

Student at Ghent University with a diploma contract of at least 27 credits (exception: diploma year or special status).

Registered for a bachelor's degree, master's degree, educational master's degree, preparatory course or linking course.

Until obtaining a 1st Master's degree.

Students registered for one of the following programs are not eligible:

  • Advanced training (e.g. ManaMa, postgraduate, ...)
  • Preparatory programs for advanced training
  • PhD
  • Permanent Training Programme

When do you apply?

  • After your (re)registration as a student at Ghent University
  • As soon as there is a need to borrow a laptop
You can submit the request for borrowing the laptop for academic year 2023-2024 from 01/09/2023

The course of the application

  • You can submit the application via Oasis through 'the student portal of the social services'.

Which agreements apply?

When lending a laptop from Ghent University through the Social Services, some agreements are made.
You can read this in this sample contract.

Buy your own laptop

You can also choose to buy your own laptop.

The Social Services offers all kinds of student finance options.

You can also receive an advance on your study grant from the Flemish government.