Overview Sports activities

Title Description
Aikido Aikido is a combination of self-defense and self-development. Because you learn to consciously deal with body and mind, you can better defend yourself against possible opponents.
Badminton Badminton courses and how to rent a court.
Basketbal These are recreational sessions where all participants play matches (3x3) or 5 against 5. Individual shooting is also possible during the sessions.
BBB Abdomen…Buttocks…Legs… The lesson includes, after a good warm-up, mainly muscle strengthening exercises to music. These exercises are interspersed with small stretches of simple low-impact aerobics in a pleasant way work on your figure.
Body Beat Workout A tough all-in-one workout where the focus is on the music. No difficult choreographies, but an hour where all muscle groups are covered.
Crosstraining Cross training combines the best of cardio, functional training, gymnastics, basic weightlifting and more. Under supervision you enjoy a fun and varied tailor-made training. Learn the moves, get fitter and build your fitness and strength.
Fatburner Do you want to burn calories in a fun way? Fatburner is a low-intensity session where you train at the fat burning level. The warm-up ensures a calorie burning and afterwards the muscle tone is worked on.
Fitness The University sports complex does not have a gym. Ghent University students and staff can train in the gym of the Topsporthal
Futsal Are you alone or just with a few friends, feel free to come. Still other "individuals" are eager to play a game every week.
Hatha Yoga Hatha yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on mastering the mind and body. Different body postures and breathing techniques are practiced.
Hockey (indoor) Want to indulge yourself? Hockey is the ideal sport for that. We offer weekly sessions for both beginners and advanced learners.
Judo A sport for everyone! For young and old, both girls and boys. Here you can gain experience under the guidance of certified teachers.
Karate Literally it means "empty hand", an unarmed martial art that uses all limbs to take out an opponent.
Krav Maga A modern self-defense system characterized by instinctive, easy-to-learn, reflex techniques and concepts. It is an ideal system for those who want to learn an effective self-defense method in a short time.
Ninjutsu (Bujinkan) Bujinkan is an association in which authentic martial art is practiced. The techniques we practice go back to Japanese schools that have been around for hundreds of years.
Pilates Pilates increases flexibility by strengthening long, flexible muscles. It increases strength and endurance in legs, abs, arms, hips and back.
Power Yoga This is a very powerful form of vinyasa yoga and is not inferior to an intensive workout.
Rugby One of the most complete team sports. You must be able to run, pass, kick, tackle, lift and push. Fair play and respect for the opponent and referee are extremely important.nder en scheidsrechter zijn enorm belangrijk.
Salsa The basic steps and figures of Cuban Salsa are taught in a fun way to sultry Caribbean rhythms. You are always welcome, with or without a partner
Self defense Based on techniques both armed and unarmed, offensive and defensive. Each session focuses on strength, agility, endurance, speed and balance.
Shinkendo Shinkendo is Japanese swordsmanship in its fullest form, as a synthesis of different styles of samurai schools over the centuries.
Swimming Price and opening hours
Table tennis The sports Centre has five table tennis tables.
Tennis Tennis courses and how to rent a court.
Volleybal We offer recreational volleyball where the participants play competitions with each other.
Waterpolo A spectacular water sport that requires a lot of fitness and skills. We offer both initiation and training.