Gender policy

Gender in the organizational structure

  • Ghent University attaches great importance to gender equality. In February 2012, Ghent University decided to commit itself to male/female balanced organs. The councils and committees whose composition is not bound by decrees and regulations consist of a maximum of 2/3 voting members of the same sex.
  • Since the 2017 rector elections, the gender balance at the top has also been guaranteed because only candidates of the opposite sex can run in pairs.
  • The fast track was introduced for the first time in 2018. This is an accelerated promotion procedure for associate professors to full professor level. This measure aims to correct the gender balance in the highest contingent of the senior academic staff.
  • In 2010, a think tank was established by and for female ZAP to offer female teachers a platform, to inform, to stimulate and to share expertise and experience.

Gender in research

In order to obtain research funding, more and more (inter)national organizations are setting the condition that gender must be taken into account in research. In addition, it also involves developing an equal opportunities policy in the research team.
Often researchers do not know how to shape both aspects in the research proposal or what the relevance is of gender with regard to their research domain. Ghent University provides a half-day training course. All parties involved in writing a research proposal are welcome.