Work-life balance

    The university offers various options for balancing work and private life.

     Creation of flex pool

    Faculties and management teams can call on the flex pool in 2 situations:

    • Temporary replacements following maternity leave of ZAP members
    • Temporary employment of statutory and contractual ATP members for an indefinite period who can no longer perform their function due to urgent medical or functional reasons.
    1. The dean sends the application to the Department of Personnel and Organization.
    2. The department Personnel and Organization submits the application to the committee.
    3. The dean appoints a replacement.

    Parking Facilities for Pregnant Women

    During pregnancy adapted parking in the nearest parking lot is possible in the following cases and with proof from your doctor:

    • You are at least 6 months pregnant
    • You are not yet 6 months pregnant but you are experiencing (mobility) problems due to the pregnancy

    Apply for adapted parking by providing the following information:

    • Name of your department
    • Car park in question
    • Number plate of your vehicle
    • Number of your access badge
    • Evidence from your doctor

    You send this via e-mail to:

    An Geysen
    Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25
    9000 Ghent


    Ironing Service

    Members of staff of Ghent University are given the opportunity to make use of the ironing service of Partena. More information on the intranet for staff.

    Child Care


    Every employee has the option to work part-time and to work from home in order to continue to combine private life and work.
    Information about the guiding framework can be found on the page about teleworking

    Parental leave

    Information about the procedures before and after parenthood or birth can be found on the Parental Leave and Pregnancy and Parenthood.