Low-stimulus area

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The university recognizes that students and employees need a quiet place to make time for short time-outs, meditation, rest, reflection or prayer. The spaces are intended for individual use and are not affiliated with any particular religion or belief.
Based on the ‘Pilot Study Low-stimulus area’ of the Building Committee on 23rd of April 2020, the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences has taken the initiative to get started with the 'Silent Room' project.

See the result here:

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One of the many positive comments in the guest book of the Silent Room

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After a positive evaluation of this pilot project, the Silent Room will be structurally embedded in Ghent University's infrastructure policy.

Pending the establishment of Silent Rooms on each campus, staff and students can visit the site of the City of Ghent where they provided a map of different religious and ideological places in Ghent.