Study Programme Quality

At Ghent University, we strive to educate people who dare to think about the challenges of tomorrow. For that purpose, we provide education that is embedded in six strategic objectives: Think Broadly, Keep Researching, Cultivate Talent, Contribute, Extend Horizons, Opt for Quality.

Ghent University continuously focuses on quality assurance and quality culture. Ghent University's quality assurance system offers easily accessible and validated information on each study programme’s

  • unique selling points,
  • strengths,
  • and weaknesses.

Want to know more about a specific study programme’s quality?

  • consult the information on ‘Study Programmes: Facts and Figures’ (in Dutch) provided by the Flemish Government.
  • check the Ghent University Study Guide
    • use the menu on the left to look for a specific study programme:
      • enter a key word,
      • or filter certain criteria (academic year, study programme type, faculty…)
    • click on the study programme of your choice to find more information. The “About” tab contains different headings
      • Contents
      • For Whom
      • Structure
      • Labour Market
      • Study Programme Quality
        • click on this section to find out more information on a study programme’s Unique Selling Points, Strengths and Weaknesses