The 2022 Institutional Review: a Positive Outcome

All the recognized Flemish higher education institutions (universities and university colleges) are subject to a mandatory periodic assessment in the form of an institutional review. Such an institutional review took place at Ghent University in the fall of 2022.

The review process assesses whether an institution’s education policy and quality assurance conduct (in Dutch: eigen regie) are up to standards.

In preparation of the site visit by the international review committee, Ghent University submitted a Critical Reflection to NVAO in June 2022. Please find a link to this document below.

During the two site visits, the international committee spoke with various Ghent University staff, lecturers, and students.

The review committee delivered its report on 22 March 2023. The report states that Ghent University meets all the criteria, and that the Institutional Review thus has a positive outcome. This means that the review committee has confidence in Ghent University’s internal quality assurance system (Quality Conduct), which, in turn, entails that the accreditation periods of all accredited study programmes will be extended.

The 2022 Critical Reflection

The Critical Reflection consists of three chapters and an illustration.

Image of the front page of Critical reflection document

The 2016 Institutional Review

On 11 September 2017, Ghent University received news of the institutional review’s positive outcome.

You can consult the 2016 Critical Self-Reflection here (in Dutch). 

The reports issued by NVAO contain the actual results:


Ghent University scores high on global rankings: we regularly feature in the top 200.
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