Department of Information and Communication Technology

The Department for Information and Communication Technology (DICT) is responsible for the information technology and telematics of Ghent University.

Department of ICT

ICT User Support Office

Head of office: Steven Rogge

Team Helpdesk

Team leader: Werend Brantegem

Team PC Administration

Team leader: Steven Rogge (a.i.)

Team PC Logistics

Team leader: Erwin Plancke

ICT Infrastructure Office

Head of office: Johan Van Camp

Team Datacenters

  • Administration of the facility management for servers and central network hardware
  • Organization of the physical and virtual hosting of departmental servers

Contact this team at .

Team High Performance Computing

The HPC team offers scientific computing services for UGent researchers, industry and other knowledge institutions.

  • User support
  • Training
  • Management and maintenance of our own infrastructure
  • Outreach, marketing and promotion of supercomputing
  • Collaboration with other supercomputing centers

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Team Network and Phone Services

Team Systems

  • Managing and securing the central data storage for research and administration
  • Managing the central virtualization and application platforms
  • Technical support of our user administration, the allocation of UGent accounts and authentication systems

ICT Applications Office

Head of office: Karin Voets

This office designs, develops, manages and maintains software applications supporting the business processes related to education, research, business services and central administration.

The following six teams are dedicated to this on a daily basis.

Student Administration Team

Team leader: Evelyne De Cordier

This team is mainly focussed on automating the processes related to the administration of students and education.

  • design, development and management of OASIS (the Dutch acronym for "Education Administration and Student Information System")
  • design, development and management of Centauro (for scheduling classes and exams, and a reservation tool to book rooms)

Research Team

Team leader: Jan Verhamme

This team develops applications for the UGent research community, such as:

  • Gismo (the Dutch acronym for "Integrated Information System for Research")

SAP Team

Team leader: Veerle De Smet

At Ghent University, SAP is the standard for central administration software applications. SAP supports numerous business processes related to:

  • human resources
  • financial management
  • logistics
  • student facilities
  • partial solutions in the domains of education and research

Business Intelligence Team

Team leader: Bene Lamote

This team designs, develops and manages UGI. This is the Dutch acronym for "UGent Integrated Business Intelligence System". UGI supports the decision making processes related to education, research, business services and central administration.

UGI collects and processes information related to:

  • finance
  • education
  • research

Data and Application Services Team

Team leader: Frank Meisschaert

This team provides technical services which can be used in other teams’ applications. For example:

  • data services such as database administration
  • technical services such as identity management, digital signatures in documents, links with payment systems, card management systems, ...

In addition, the team complements the core applications of other teams with:

  • smaller applications supporting secondary business processes (for example in the field of insurance, risk management, alumni recruitment, funding, ...)
  • acquired software used to support, for example, the management of buildings and facilities, and the organization of conferences.

Collaboration and Communication Applications Team

Team leader: Karin Voets (a.i.)

This team provides applications such as:

  • the UGent website (including the phone book)
  • the UGent intranet
  • Sharepoint applications for functional and cross-functional collaboration
  • applications for knowledge sharing within UGent, including the websites offering educational tips and research tips

ICT Educational Technology Office

Head of office: Toon Van Hoecke

Team Electronic learning environment

  • Supporting the new electronic learning environment Ufora
  • Developing, monitoring and optimizing the course management systems Minerva & Zephyr
  • Developing, monitoring and optimizing the online test environment Curios
  • Supporting multiple choice examinations (MCE forms) and online examinations
  • Supporting users with questions & remarks:

Team Multimedia

Teamleader: Thomas Berton