Dare to Think

Dare to Think: that is the credo of Ghent University. Critical and independent brains study, do research and work at Ghent University.

Wanted: critical minds

Ghent University is challenging everyone to dare to think, to question conventional views and to dare to take a nuanced stand. 

It is because of those who dare to think, who sometimes defy dominant views and strong convictions, that the world progresses and we learned that the earth is not flat and that we aren’t the centre of the universe.

#daretothink is in our DNA and we encourage everyone to do the same.

Social experiment

By means of a social experiment we tested this out in our living and learning environment.

Do students dare to correct professors when they make controversial statements in class? Do they dare to let their voices be heard?



Do passers-by dare to respond to challenging statements that appear in the city’s streets?

We hung posters up in Ghent and Kortrijk to evoke reactions to striking statements taken from everyday life. For several weeks posters that have been daubed and written on are visible around the city.


Quote over armoede
Quote over drugsgebruik
Quote over pesticiden
Quote over vrouwenbesnijdenis