Dare to Think in the GUM (Ghent University Museum)

Ghent University opens the doors to a brand-new science museum: the GUM (Ghent University Museum). It embodies the credo ‘Dare to Think’.

Opening postponed due to coronavirus

The two-day opening was planned for the weekend of Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 March. In accordance with government measures, Ghent University and the GUM (Ghent University Museum) have decided to postpone the grand opening of the brand-new science museum. A new date will be set as soon as the current pandemic has died out. Everyone will then be very welcome for tours, workshops and much more!

GUM - Welcome inside the head of the scientistWelcome inside the head of the scientist

Ghent will be able to add another museum to an already impressive list. The brand-new GUM (Ghent University Museum) is located at the centre of the Ghent Botanical Garden, right around the corner from MSK Gent and S.M.A.K.

In the GUM, we really delve into the scientist’s brain. Which challenges does she/he face? How does she/he work? Is there any room for imagination, doubt and failure? And how does that affect our lives and ways of thinking? And of course, which exceptional objects help us tell this story?

The GUM is a forum for science, doubt and art. A museum you can explore, but which will also make you doubt any preconceived notions. It will offer insight into the university’s unique scientific collections, ranging from the fields of Biology to Ethnography, and from Medicine to Psychology.

Marjan Doom (© Sophie Nuytten)"The GUM will be a museum-sized translation of the university’s slogan ‘Dare to Think’, a science museum that places a special emphasis on the quest for knowledge. It will not be a one-sided ode to scientific success stories, nor a shrine dedicated to a selection of brilliant minds. It will, however, provide visitors with a realistic account of scientific practice with all of its human pitfalls, told by an academic community. Science will be depicted as a creative, ever-evolving and pluralist concept. In short: in all its glory."

Marjan Doom, GUM  director

Sometimes you have to start with a blank sheet of paper… 

The cliché of the brilliant professor or the lone genius? That is nothing but a myth. After all, science is a journey of trial and error, doubt and imagination. And sometimes you have to start with a blank sheet of paper to come up with new insights.

For that reason, we pay a tribute to the blank page. As a tribute to science, as a tribute to ‘Dare to Think’.


GUM social white (EN)Social White: Join us!

Turn your profile picture and banner white on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, ... and add the caption “Sometimes you have to start with a blank sheet to come up with new insights.” Together, let us pay a tribute to science.


An empty book

GUM director Marjan Doom launches a special book: an empty book, including nothing but an introduction.

The book will be made available to all Flemish schools, Ghent University students, De Krook library and at many other locations.

These activities are an invitation to ‘Dare to Think’. Every blank page, every new page, can lead to a new insight.

This way, we can move from truth to truth. Soon, everyone can experience this journey in the GUM.




book 'Welcome inside the head of the scientist.'

Graffiti Street

On 4th March the GUM painted Ghent’s iconic Graffiti Street (Werregarenstraat) white together with Ghent street artists.

A graffiti jam took place at that moment: the entire street was given back to art and will be covered with drawings and street art in a matter of moments. 

View more photos.

Special stories and objects

The permanent exhibition allows you to explore seven themes: chaos, doubt, models, measurements, imagination, knowledge and network. By way of these themes, you will get a better understanding of how researchers act and think. Discover some of the special stories and objects.


Dare to Think past years

'Dare to Think': that is the credo of Ghent University. Critical and independent brains study, do research and work at Ghent University.

#daretothink is in our DNA and we encourage everyone to do the same. It is because of those who dare to think, who defy dominant views and strong convictions, that the world progresses and we learned that the earth is not flat and that we are not the centre of the universe.

Prove us wrong! 

Ghent University challenges you to think critically about scientific (un)truths. After all, something is true until science disproves it, isn’t it?

A social experiment

A crowded auditorium, three professors, full of false statements... Would you react?