Promotion on Ghent University campuses

Would you like to put up posters, hand out flyers or set up a promo stand on Ghent University campuses? Please respect the guidelines mentioned below.

Many companies and organisations want to put up posters, hand out flyers or free samples or put up promo stands on the campuses of Ghent University.  Our students are a very popular target group, we are honoured!

Unfortunately, we can’t allow everyone to do this. Approval depends on the desired message and location. Do you want to promote your organisation or did you receive a request from a third party as a Ghent University staff member? Then respect these guidelines.

Ad valvasPutting up posters

Where you can put them up freely

You can put up posters yourself at these locations:

You are not allowed to put up posters in other places (such as toilets, auditoria, etc.).


You can only place flyers or hand them out actively in the entrance hall of our student restaurants on the condition that they have a clear link to Ghent University.

Report this in advance to

Flyers that do not have a link to Ghent University cannot simply be handed out or left behind in our buildings.

Promo stand

Do you want to set up a promo stand on one of our campuses? Ghent University assesses each request individually. Only non-commercial initiatives are eligible provided that there is a clear link to innovation, sustainability or community engagement.

  1. Request explicit permission from the relevant faculty or faculties / department(s). They then request permission from Ghent University Permanence Centre. The faculty or department will inform you if the request is refused.
  2. Look after our campus. If there are complaints from students or personnel about intrusiveness, waste left behind, etc., the permission will be withdrawn.

Campaigns on the street

Do you want to organise an activity on the street (handing out free samples, flyers, etc.) in front of the entrance to a Ghent University campus?

  • Request permission in advance from the city of Ghent or Kortrijk. The street in front of the campuses is public domain. Ghent University is not involved in the approval of activities on the street.
  • Have you been given permission? We are happy to inform our personnel on site. Report your activity, with proof of permission by the city, in advance to


Do you have any questions about these guidelines? 

Department of Communication and Marketing
09 264 82 70