Training and events

Want to learn more about RDM? Follow a training, request an info session, or attend an event organized by Ghent University’s data stewards.


As data stewards, we deliver different types of training activities and events, either self-initiated, organized in collaboration with the Doctoral Schools or Faculties, or available upon request.

Below you can find an overview of the training & event formats currently on offer.

For more information on planning, location and registration, take a look at the Upcoming training & events section on this page. Our training materials are available via Any questions? Contact

This in-depth course aims to help doctoral students develop their knowledge of and practical skills in  managing their research data. It is organized in collaboration with the Doctoral Schools, as part of Ghent University’s Doctoral Training Programme (transferable skills in the cluster Research & Valorisation).

The course focuses on various kinds of data – quantitative and qualitative, depending on what is most relevant in each Doctoral School – and covers the whole data lifecycle. It combines presentations, exercises and discussions to cover best practices as well as practical examples.

The course is organized in each of the 5 Doctoral Schools and is normally offered two times a year (once in the spring and once in the autumn).

A short introductory module on RDM, as part of the section on “Responsible conduct of research” in the mandatory onboarding programme for doctoral students (to be expected later in 2020).

These are single-topic info sessions covering one specific aspect of RDM or an RDM-related tool (typically no more than 60 minutes, including time for discussion). Ty are aimed at researchers at all career stages, and comprise both more theory-based and more practically oriented sessions.

RDM short sessions can be organized as part of existing initiatives within Faculties (e.g. Faculty library lunch sessions), and are also available on demand (e.g. for departments or research groups).


Info session topics:

  • RDM: general introduction
  • Policy requirements for data management & sharing

  • Preparing a DMP
  • Reusing data from others
  • Collecting & organizing data
  • Documenting data
  • Storing & backing up data
  • Sharing & publishing data

Demo & practical session topics:

  • Encryption of research data
  • Open Science Framework
  • Publishing data via a data repository
  • GitHub

As data stewards we hold periodic walk-in sessions in each Faculty. These sessions do not have a pre-determined topic, but provide researchers and other staff with an opportunity to meet up with their data steward and ask any RDM-related question.

An informal, cross-faculty and researcher-led event where Ghent University researchers from various domains have an opportunity to give a short but inspiring talk about their research data, and how they manage them.

The aim is to bring together researchers with an interest in and/or useful experience of (a specific aspect of) RDM, and provide opportunities to network and exchange experiences and best practices across faculties and research domains over drinks and food.

In addition to the recurring formats listed above, we may (co-)organize other training activities and events about specific themes on a more ad hoc basis (e.g. a workshop on reproducibility and open research, etc.).

Upcoming training & events

Due to the coronavirus measures taken by Ghent University and until further notice, we are rescheduling or providing digital alternatives for in-person training activities and events planned in the spring semester of 2020 (see below). We will post any updates on this page. (Last update: Friday, 15 May 2020)

RDM transferable skills courses

All transferable skills courses have been rescheduled to take place in the autumn of 2020.

RDM short sessions

We are organizing a series of 5 university-wide online RDM webinars via Ufora Bongo Virtual Classroom. For more information about what & when and how to register, see the event page. Find slides & recordings via
In addition, some of the RDM short sessions that were already planned within specific Faculties are being replaced by an online webinar via Ufora Bongo Virtual Classroom (see below).


Image by Patrick Hochstenbach, CC-BY 4.0
Image by Patrick Hochstenbach, CC-BY 4.0

RDM Walk-ins

The walk-in sessions within Faculties have been cancelled until further notice. However, you can still contact us for information or advice via . Where necessary, we can schedule an online meeting.
  • FGE/FFW: every last Thursday afternoon of the month (@ KCGG, room 0.1)
  • FLW: every first Tuesday afternoon of the month (@ Library Lab Magnel in the Faculty library)
  • FPPW: every first Tuesday afternoon of the month (@ RSO room 140.004)
  • FRE: every first Monday afternoon of the month (@ Faculteitszaal)
  • Other faculties: TBC

External online learning resources

Need more inspiration? Many external learning resources about RDM, open & FAIR data are available online. Some are generic, others are tailored to particular disciplines.

  • 23 Research Data Things: self-directed learning for anyone who wants to know more about research data. Covers a range of concepts and includes exercises. Offered by the Australian National Data Service.
  • Data Protection and Ethics: introduction to research ethics and data protection (what is personal data, and how to protect them during your research?). Offered by FOSTER Plus.
  • FAIR webinar series: each of the FAIR principles is explained in depth, with practical cases from several scientific disciplines. Offered by the Australian National Data Service.
  • Guides for Researchers: online guides on various aspects of RDM, open & FAIR data. Offered by OpenAIRE.
  • Managing and sharing research data: the basics of data sharing, FAIR data and DMPs. Offered by FOSTER Plus.
  • Research Data Management and Sharing: a basic introduction to RDM covering the following blocks: 1) Understanding Research Data; 2) Data Management Planning; 3) Working with data; 4) Sharing data. Offered by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Edinburgh.
  • Research Data Management Toolkit: toolkit signposting RDM resources, sorted by topic and audience. Offered by Jisc.
  • The Turing Way: a handbook on reproducible data science. Offered by the Alan Turing Institute.
  • Understanding the GDPR: basic concepts about GDPR and how to comply with the regulation. Offered by the University of Groningen.
  • What is Open Science?: the importance of Open Science, what are funders’ expectations, and how to make your research more open. Offered by FOSTER Plus.
  • Data Management Training (DMT) Clearinghouse: a registry for online RDM learning resources focusing on Earth and Environmental Sciences. Created in a collaboration between the U.S. Geological Survey's Community for Data Integration, the Earth Sciences Information Partnership (ESIP), and DataONE (Data Observation Network for Earth).
  • Data Tree: training course on data management, with a focus on environmental sciences. Offered by the Institute for Environmental Analytics and Stats4DS.
  • Data Management Expert Guide: data management course with a focus on social sciences, to help researchers make their data FAIR. Offered by CESSDA ERIC.

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