Bench fee for doctoral students

Ghent University has developed a general bench fee guideline allowing us to request this contribution from funders in a transparent and coherent way.


Since academic year 2017-2018 PhD students are required to contribute to the costs of their research activities on top of settling the tuition fee.

This contribution or 'bench fee' is used by the supervisor to pay for expenses as a result of conducting high-quality research (use of laboratory, study material, research equipment, participation to seminars, conferences,…)

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For whom?

The bench fee guideline is applicable to all PhD students that enrol at Ghent University  and for whom a bench fee is not part of their mandate or the project they are funded through.

All doctoral students are subject to the bench fee regulations, except those who:

  • Started their PhD prior the academic year 2017-2018
  • Are funded by a Ghent University Association partner
  • Are funded by project funds managed by Ghent University OR Ghent University Hospital
  • Are Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) doctoral fellows
  • Hold a VLIR-UOS scholarship or are paid by a VLIR-UOS project
  • Are self-funded and whose supervisor has applied for an exemption of the bench fee guidelines

Special conditions apply for:

  • Doctoral students subject to an international agreement with a specific bench fee ruling:
    • Higher Education Commission (HEC, Pakistan): agreement stipulates fixed benchfee of 4,480 euro per year
    • Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LDPD, Indonesia): only for the Faculties of Bioscience Engineering and Economics and Business Administration: the agreement stipulates a fixed benchfee of 8,000 euro per year. Other faculties can follow this agreement or request their own benchfee amounts.
    • China Scholarship Council (CSC, China): under the current agreement there is no benchfee foreseen.
    • Vietnamese International education development program( VIED): under the current agreement (only with faculties biosciences, natural sciences and veterinary), that is still active for academic year 2017-2018 there is a benchfee of 8,000 euro foreseen.

  • Individual arrangements regarding the bench fee with a specific funder. In this case, the Ghent University supervisor is requested to send an e-mail to stating the reason why there is a deviation from the general guideline and including the necessary proofs.


The bench fee is an annual contribution for every one-year cycle started, and will be collected annually at the start of the academic year.

For exchange PhD students these amounts can be calculated for the length of their stay.

The bench fee (minus overhead) will be made available to the supervisor.

Faculty Doctoral degree
Bench fee amount (in euros)
Arts and Philosophy All 4,480
Law and Criminology All 4,480
Sciences Doctor of Science: Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Doctor of Science: Biochemistry
Doctor of Science: Biotechnology
Doctor of Science: Biology
Doctor of Science: Chemistry
Doctor of Science: Physics and Geology
Doctor of Science: Geology
Doctor of Science: Marine Sciences
Doctor of Science: Physics
Doctor of Science: Geography
Doctor of Science: Geomatics and Surveying
Doctor of Science: Astronomy
Doctor of Science
Doctor of Science: Bioinformatics
Doctor of Computer Science
Doctor of Statistical Data Analysis
Doctor of Science: Mathematics
Medicine and Health Sciences All 13,440
Engineering and Architecture All 8,960
Economics and Business Administration All 4,480
Veterinary Medicine All 13,440
Psychology and Educational Sciences All 4,480
Bioscience Engineering All 13,440
Pharmaceutical Sciences All 13,440
Political and Social Sciences All 4,480