International mobility during your PhD and/or postdoc

Many researchers spend a considerable time abroad during their PhD or postdoc phase. If your destination is chosen well, it gives you the chance to work in the best environments in the world, to network with key people in your field, to learn new skills and insights and ultimately, to challenge yourself as a person and as a professional.

Some interesting possibilities:

  • The European Commission awards Individual Fellowships to researchers with outstanding potential moving to a different country.
  • For study in the U.S. two very prestigious scholarships support ambitious students and researchers: BAEF and Fulbright.
  • Many universities or regions have set up programmes for incoming or outgoing mobility of researchers, cofunded by the European Commission. They recruit on the basis of open competition and usually advertise these posts on Euraxess, the European Job Portal.
  • Every faculty at Ghent University has a mobility fund. Early-stage researchers are the prime beneficiary of this funding scheme.