Research topic

There are essentially two possibilities to find a PhD research topic. You can either apply for an open PhD position (i.e. a research group is actively looking for a PhD candidate in a specific field of research) or you can approach a specific Ghent University professor with your own topic.

You can perform doctoral research in all fields of study on offer at Ghent University, as long as the topic enables you to contribute to scientific knowledge.

Since all PhD research must be supported by a PhD supervisor at Ghent University, it is very important that you find someone that will offer you the assistance needed. In any event, the research topic of your choice will have to be approved by the faculty.

The Research Directory is a good starting point if you are looking for a specific research(er) project, field, topic or discipline.

It is important to have a well-thought out research proposal that demonstrates the value and the importance of your research. If you have not yet decided on a specific research theme, indicate what your specific interest are and inquire about possible topics. Maybe start by having a look at the website of your intended supervisor’s research group or department.