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The INTERREG North-Sea Region project INDU-ZERO “Industrialisation of house renovations towards energy-neutral” has the ambition to scale up the renovation of the existing dwellings in the North-Sea Region by using prefabricated renovation packages.

The project brings together parties from several countries (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden and UK) and fields of expertise (universities, construction companies, housing corporations, government parties). In total 15 partners from various disciplines are involved. The project is coordinated by the Province of Overijssel (NL) and runs from 01/07/2018 to 30/06/2021.


Project description

The North Sea Region (NSR) contains 22 million houses built in 1950-1985 that are causing 79 Mton CO2 emissions annually. Currently renovation require a lot of manual works resulting in a low renovation pace and a high cost. Mass uptake of renovations towards energy-neutral is needed to meet EU energy and climate targets.

There are already several initiatives that deal with the sustainable renovation of houses. The INDU-ZERO project aims to realize a standard renovation package, that can be applied with minimal modifications per country. The renovation packages exist from prefabricated façade and roof elements, that can be placed over the existing building envelope as a new jacket. Windows, doors and for example solar panels, heat pumps and ventilation are integrated in the new building envelope. The standard renovation package guarantees a nZEB solution and an improved living comfort for the inhabitants.

At the moment, the renovation pace is low because common renovation techniques are in situ applied and the production of prefabricated elements requires a lot of manual operations. INDU-ZERO wants to design a blueprint for an innovative factory with the capacity to manufacture renovation packages at a high volume (15.000 renovation packages per factory per year) at 50% of the actual cost.

The project results will be demonstrated in each of the participating countries. In Belgium, a showcase will be developed in collaboration with Kamp C.


It is the aim of INDU-ZERO to:
•    Redesign and adapt existing renovation technology for next-generation manufacturing while guaranteeing an excellent performance of the systems
•    Upscale renovation manufacturing so that the pace increases and the costs decrease
•    Develop a blueprint for a smart renovation factory to produce the renovation packages

Role of Ghent University

The Building Physics research group of Ghent University will mainly focus on the performance evaluation of the innovative prefabricated panels. Next to that they will investigate the feasibility of  prefabricated renovation packages for Belgian housing (in particular social housing)



Prof. Marijke Steeman
Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
Phone number: 09 264 37 19