Network for Advancement of Sustainable Capacity in Education and Research in Ethiopia - NASCERE

A unique scholarship programmeNASCERE

Based on a long-term collaboration between Ghent University and Jimma University within the framework of a VLIR-UOS  Interuniversity Collaboration programme (IUC, 2006-2017), the Ethiopian Ministry of Education (MoE) decided to launch the PhD scholarship programme NASCERE, coordinated by the former IUC coordinators Kora Tushune (Jimma University) and Luc Duchateau (Ghent University). In 2019 Pascal Boeckx took over the coordinatorship from Luc Duchateau.

This PhD programme is the first of its kind worldwide in providing about 150 sandwich PhD scholarships to academic staff members of Jimma University in a time span of 10 years (2017-2026).

Read the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Jimma University and Ghent University.

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Steering committee


  • Coordinator: Pascal Boeckx
  • UA: Steven Van Passel
  • UGent: Lieva Van Langenhove
  • UHasselt: Dirk Valkenborg
  • KUleuven: Bart Van der Bruggen
  • VUB: Ann Van Griensven
  • VLIR-UOS: Peter De Lannoy
  • Administration: Annick Verheylezoon


  • Coordinator: Kora Tushune
  • Administration : Kassahun Eba Taddesse

Administrative follow-up

The administrative coordination of the programme is managed by Annick Verheylezoon (Ghent University).

Each university has a dedicated contact person:

Yearly Call

In 2021 there is no call. An update of the next call will be available in the beginning of 2022.

Information for the PhD student

Read the general information 2020

Guidelines for possible extension after 12M scholarship

Read the guidelines for assessment of request for an extended stay in the North.