Success stories about the impact of Ghent University research

Could we even imagine a world without research and science? Certainly not. Yet it’s not always clear to everyone how much research shapes our world and lives. Below we’ve brought together some illustrations of just how research continues to have an important societal impact in many areas.


AquacultuurThe sea as a testing ground for sustainable farming of shellfish and seaweed.

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ComposietenFrom wind turbine blades to the car of the future.

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Criminologie (Photo by Matthew Ansley on Unsplash)Criminology research has made its mark on drug policy and police reform in our country.

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Drug development

Foto apothekerWhat role does research at Ghent University play in the development of new medicines?

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DwengoWill our future be full of robots and artificial intelligence?

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Art sciences

Lam GodsRestoration of the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb sets the standard in the world of art restoration.

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Plant biotechnology

PlantenbiotechnologiePlant breeding as an important means to feed the world.

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Primary healthcare

EerstelijnsgezondheidszorgGood primary healthcare is of vital importance.

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Doping testing

Close-up injectieStriving for doping-free sports, together with science.

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Health economics

Foto dokterA better society through a high-quality, sustainable health system that is based on solidarity.

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Animal health

ParasietenWhy veterinarians prefer to prevent worm infections rather than cure them.

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Marine archaeology

Mammoetbeen (foto Hans Denis, © Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed)A large part of our history is buried at the bottom of the North Sea.

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Sports sciences

Badmintontornooi.jpgWith SportKompas, children can discover which sport is best for them.

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Copyright foto Dries LuytenWhat Flemish people think about sex (and why our understanding is better today).

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Impact with European support

The European Commission prioritises impact in its research funding. Have a look at some successful Ghent University projects.

Technology transfer

By way of product development and the establishment of spin-offs Ghent University increases its economic impact.

  • Improving the treatment of breast cancer and the comfort of patients
  • Supporting therapists to provide better care (spin-off Creative Therapy)
  • Monitoring the health of materials and structures (spin-off Sentea)
  • Structural engineering and building materials
  • Towards a better and environmentally friendly display quality (spin-off QustomDot)
  • Improving the motivation of employees (spin-off Impetus Academy)
  • Getting companies to reflect about innovation (spin-off The Forge)
  • Optimizing work processes through AI (spin-off ML2Grow)