Use of laboratory animals in scientific research and education

Ghent University carefully monitors the use of laboratory animals in research and education. Animal research and testing is only allowed when it is justified and necessary, and it is always conducted in accordance with a rigorous ethical framework. The university also makes an effort to promote active reflection on this theme with an eye to the future.

September 22, 2023: Flemish action plan to reduce the use of animals in research and testing: Ghent University is a partner.
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Vision, policy and transparency regarding animal research and testing at Ghent University


How many tests are carried out at Ghent University? What do these numbers tell us?

Animal testing legislation in Belgium

How did European and Belgian legislation develop? Learn about the long history of legislation in this field.

Welfare of laboratory animals

Animal welfare related to housing and experiments.

Reducing and replacing animal testing

The search for alternative methods.

Ghent University carefully monitors animal experiments

The internal structures that actively monitor use of laboratory animals and their welfare.

Animal testing in teaching and learning

How researchers and animal caretakers acquire their skills.

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