PhD Looking For PhD

This eventpage elaborates on the event PhD Looking for PhD, organised for the PhD Community of the UGent.

The poster for the event 'PhD Looking for PhD' on November 9, 2018.


Have you been struggling lately on your statistics? Are you suffering from a writer's block? On the other hand, maybe you just want to exchange your experience on finishing or starting a Ph.D.!

This event is all about sharing knowledge, asking questions and getting feedback from your fellow Ph.D. students based on skills, experience and personal needs!


On Friday November 9, 2018, we will meet around 18h45 in the Trechterzaal of the Therminal (Hoveniersberg 24, Ghent). According to your personal interest, you can join different conversation groups. The groups will be formed based on your personal interest and topics every Ph.D. student will be acquainted with. If you have interesting topics you want to discuss, please mention them in the event registration form (see below).


The evening will continue according to the following program:

  • 18h45: doors
  • 19h10: start conversation round 1
  • 19h30: break
  • 19h40: start conversation round 2
  • 20h00: break
  • 20h10: start conversation round 3
  • 20h30: break
  • 20h40: start conversation round 4
  • 21h00: drinks
  • 22h00: end of event, relocate to a pub


The places are limited, so do not hesitate to subscribe!
Register here.

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