PhDC @ warmathon

The PhD Community will participate in the Ghent warmathon.

What is the warmathon?

Every year, the radio station Studio Brussel organises de warmste week (the warmest week). A week before the Christmas holidays, they try to make people aware of charity projects in the world by broadcasting 7 days non-stop. The goal is to motivate everyone to raise money for the charity you want. Across the country people start gathering and organise activities to raise money. That is why it is called the warmest week, because everybody is helping everybody, which fits perfectly in the Christmas spirit. One of the big events is organised by Studio Brussel and is called the warmathon. In every big city, people are invited to run along a parcour and for every round, money is donated to charity. Moreover, the registration money goes to your favourite charity.

How do I register?

The PhDs of the UGent will be present as well. We gather together at the warmathon, but everybody can run at their own pace. Below, you can find the steps to register on the website of the warmathon.

Step 1

 Choose a charity you would like to support. If you do not know any, we would kindly ask you to go for the Cancer Research Institute Ghent (CRIG). Click 'Inschrijven' (Register).


Step 2

Find 'individuele registratie' (registration for one person) and click 'volgende' (next).

Individual registration

Step 3

This step takes a bit of time, as you will have to fill in some information before clicking “volgende” (next) at the bottom of the page.

a. Last name

b. First name

c. Sex (“man” = male, “vrouw” = female)

d. Date of birth

e. Nationality

f. Street name (left) and number on (right)

g. Country

h. Postal code (left) and name of the city (right)

i. Phone number

j. Another phone number (who should be called in case something happens to you?)

k. Email address

l. Repeat email address

m. In case you want to donate extra (i.e., on top of the €15), you can use this field

n. Choose “ja” (yes), to indicate that you except that it is your own responsibility to properly prepare for the run (note: “gezond sporten” means “exercising healthily”).

o. The privacy policy. You have to tick the top two boxes in order to be able to continue (these refer to the privacy policy and the terms of service). The bottom two boxes are to subscribe for the newsletter and to allow the sharing of your personal data for marketing purposes. We would suggest that you do not tick these bottom boxes. :-)

Personal info

Step 4

Check whether you made any mistakes when filling out the form, then click on the yellow button at the bottom of the page to continue to the payment section.

Confirm info

Step 5

Check whether or not the total amount of money mentioned here is correct (this should be €15 if you did not choose to donate additional money). If yes, click on “betalen” (pay).

Payement info

Step 6

 Unfortunately, you can only pay via the services mentioned here. Click “selecteer” (select). When you do so, you will be sent to a new webpage, where you can choose how to pay.

Select payement method

Step 7

Click on the service (Visa, Mastercard, Bancontact, Maestro or iDeal) you would like to use for payment. Further steps depend on the service used. When payment is successful, you should receive an automated email from (or a similar address). Golazo is the company that helps StuBru to organize the warmathon, in case you were wondering.

Select payement method