On this page, you find everything that makes it possible to participate in and contribute to the community.

In a community the content produced by the community should come from the community itself. Therefore, we want your input. Not only are we interested in what you think the community should look like, we also want to know what is going on in the community. Through story-sharing, we will become a close group. Start sharing now!

Faculty PhD communities

Here, we try to list all local PhD communities that exist in our University's faculties and departments. If you are aware of such a community, let us know and we will add them to our list.

PhD Community Pediatrie en Inwendige Ziekten - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

The goal of the “PhD Community Pediatrics and Internal Medicine” is to build a bridge between clinic and science and especially to unite (young) researchers within these research domains in order to broaden our horizons. Researchers from all kinds of backgrounds come together in this community. We hold monthly sessions - both formal and informal - and primarily try to discuss useful topics that are relevant to researchers and clinicians involved in (pre)clinical research, but also take the time to get to know each other better on a personal level.

Social groups

The pandemic is still making all of our lives a bit less fun and we regret that we weren’t able to plan any of our recurring social activities yet (bar meetings, boardgame nights,...). As it seems that we won’t get rid of covid anytime soon, the UGent PhD Community wants to make sure that you don’t have to go through this period alone! So, we will connect you safely with like-minded PhD colleagues in groups:

🎲 Online board game nights: Play fun games online with each other
🌳 Corona proof walks: Go outdoors in the city or nature with max. 3 others
💻 Virtual social groups: Chat with others for a work break or when you feel the need to
🌎 Language groups: Find others with the same native tongue or nationality (for new international PhDers, the current situation might be hard if you haven’t had the chance to meet new people yet)

What do you need to do to get in one (or more) of these exciting groups?
Send an email with your UGent email address to and include in the subject line ‘boardgames’, ‘walks’, ‘social group’ or ‘language group – [language]’. We will use your email address to connect you with your group of choice. Once you're in a group, you can switch the conversation to another medium and decide when, where, and how often you want to meet up with (a part of) your group!

International Days

Currently, we are working on a social media campaign with the theme 'International Days'. Every day is a ' day of ...' and often it is related to research that is being conducted at UGent. We want to put you and your research in the spotlight at the exact time the world is celebrating your research topic! Below, you can find further instructions on how to participate. Share your story with the community!

Poster International Days
The poster for the International Days social media campaign.

Note: Once submitted, you agree that this information can be shared with the community. Be aware of NDA's, sensitive data, legal restrictions, etc.

Something to share?

If you want to share something with the community, reach out to us at our Facebook page. If you don't have a Facebook page, you can also send us a mail.

PhD of the Month

 If you have something to share with the PhD community you have come to the right place. Has your research taken a drastic turn? Do you have an interesting question for the community? Did you achieve something extraordinary in your life that changed you and your PhD? Did your pet point you in the right direction for you research? Share it with the community!

We are interested in all kind of stories that are somehow related to your life as a PhD student. The organizing committee will go through the applications and they will select the PhD of the Month. Your story will be shared with our community through the Facebook page. If this section is a success, we will change it to PhD of the WEEK.


  • You need to use the template .
  • A picture is obligatory.
  • Submit your template as a .doc(x) to with Subject [PhDotm] .
  • Once submitted, you agree that this information can be shared with the community. Be aware of NDA's, sensitive data, legal restrictions, etc.