What is the Postdoc Communnity

What does the postdoc community offer you? How do we help you boosting your career?

Upcoming event

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, we had to cancel the two events that would take place in this academic year. Nevertheless, we try to support you with the emails we send. Please, keep an eye on your email!

Past events

Academic year 2019-2020

Lifting your postdoc to the next level: How to become a successful coach? (12/12/2019)

Kick-off your postdoc (29/10/2019)

Previous academic years

We organized events on the following topics:

  • Time-management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Science communication
  • Failure in academia
  • Career paths of postdocs
  • International mobility
  • Unleash your potential

Suggestions for upcoming events?

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