Who is in the Postdoc Community

The postdoc community consists of a steering committee and is supported by postdoc talent management.

Steering committee

Roles within the PDC steering committee:

  • Co-Presidents: Robin Devroe & Tereza Vavrdova
  • Communication Officer: Ilias Semmouri
  • Social media officer: Lucia Grassi & Sofie Boterberg
  • Social events coordinator: Mattias Van Heetvelde & Jan Willem Bek
  • Officer for International Postdocs: Alessio Lissoni & Kaj Sullivan 
  • Liaison with the PhD Community: Mattias Van Heetvelde
  • OAP liaison: Sofie Boterberg & Jan Roelandt

Active Faculty Members

  • Arts and Philosophy: Tine Scheijnen 
  • Law: Jan Roelandt
  • Sciences:  Kaj Sullivan, Lara Macheriotou  & Tereza Vavrdová
  • Medicine and Health Sciences: Mattias Van Heetvelde, Jan Willem Bek, Alessio Lissoni & Rita de Cassia de Oliveira Collaco
  • Engineering and Architecture: José Pedro Pereira dos Santos
  • Economics and Business Administration: Laurence Rijssegem
  • Veterinary Medicine: Helena Cardoso de Carvalho Ferreira & Ilias Chantziaras
  • Psychology and Educational Sciences:  Emmelien Merchie & Sofie Boterberg
  • Bioscience Engineering: Ilias Semmouri
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences:  Lucia Grassi
  • Political and Social Sciences: Robin Devroe 

General support and liaison with Postdoc Talent Management:

  • HR Coach: Nel Grillaert (Career Development Office, DPO, coördinator Postdoc Talent Management)

Want to be a part of the team?

Do you want to be a part of the steering group committee? Or would you like to be involved in another way? Talk to us at one of our events, or just drop us an email at: