Diploma equivalencies

A check of foreign diploma’s is imposed by the Flemish government when employment at a Flemish University is started. Therefore, everybody who becomes a professorial staff member of the University of Ghent and who holds a diploma that was issued outside Belgium must obtain the certificate of recognition by applying for it at NARIC.

It is required that your diploma is verified by the Flemish authorities to execute the appointed function in case you hold a PhD or diploma that was not issued within the European Union.

Before your employment at Ghent University can start you need to proof that you have started the application at NARIC. The approval and recognition must be sent during the employment within a reasonable time (limit 18 months). If your diploma is not equivalent, providing a new equal diploma that entitles you to execute the function is an option; otherwise you have to quit your job as you cannot fulfill the required conditions.

Conditions to avoid the diploma recognition

Check here to see if you meet the conditions to avoid the recognition procedure.

If you do meet this conditions and a recognition is not required, please inform your contact person by uploading a copy of the information why the recognition is not required. In that case we know we don’t need to expect a recognition certificate and we will not bother you with the question to provide it.

Diploma equivalency –start of the application

If you don’t meet the conditions to avoid the recognition procedure, an application with positive result is required to execute your employment at our University. The application is a standard procedure the check the level of education. Most applications (if they are well prepared) pass without any problem.

If you expect problems for the recognition, please inform your HR officer beforehand so that we can support you with the preparation of the application file.

All information on the application procedure can be found on the website of NARIC.

After you have sent your file to naric.attesten@vlaanderen.be; a confirmation e-mail that the application is received will be sent. A copy of this e-mail must be provided before the employment can start.

Diploma equivalency - approval

Provide the decision of NARIC regarding the recognition procedure. More information on the decision.