Documents provided by Ghent University to start procedures

Certain documents are required to initiate or start administrative procedures. Or you might need an attestation on the received income for example. Here you can find an overview of the documents and their purposes. Other documents are provided in case of a single permit application and are the official communication from the Belgian government

Invitation letter

This is a general introducing letter from Ghent University on your stay at Ghent University. It can be added to the visa application or is required to start procedures to obtain certain documents or payments in the home counry.

Exemption of the retribution payment for scholarships

The retribution fee covers the administrative costs of processing an application for a visa D (long stay) or and/or a single residence application (stay of more than 3 months). Some applicants are exempt from this fee because of the purpose of their application: this is the case when a scholarship or grant is paid directly by Ghent University.

The document will be provided automatically by Ghent University when the exemption is applicable. With this document, it is proven that a scholarship is paid by Ghent University, and an entitlement is in place to exempt you of paying the general retribution costs. It will not avoid that you might need to pay the consular fees when applying for a visa. If you cannot find this document, it means that you have to cover the retribution payment yourself.

Appointment letter for UGent professorial staff

The University does not offer contract for professorial academic staff, but an appointment. An appointment is legally a unilateral decision, taken by the board or faculty board to provide the position to you. The terms of employment for those who are permanently appointed are not included / negotiated via a contract, but are laid down in a legal statute. If you accept your appointment, the statute will apply to you.

Singed contract/scholarship agreement for contractual staff

A contract or scholarship agreement will be provided to conclude the employment with researchers (post-doctoral and PhD researchers) at Ghent University. The contract or scholarship agreement must be uploaded with a personal signature.

Host agreement

An approved research organization such as Gent University can sign a hosting agreement with a researcher employed by Ghent University only if the following conditions are met:

  • the research project on which the host researcher is working has been approved by the competent body of the research organization after examining the purpose of the research, its duration, and the availability of the needed financial resources;
  • the researcher's qualifications have been verified by the competent bodies of the research organization on the basis of his diplomas and the research to be carried out;
  • the researcher has sufficient resources to meet expenses throughout the stay as well as return travel costs;
  • the researcher has the same social security rights as nationals having an identical legal relationship with the research organization.

The hosting agreement form, duly filled out and signed by the two parties, must be attached to the application submitted to a Belgian diplomatic post or consulate for a stay permit of over three months in the Kingdom of Belgium.

Secondment letter from UGent

When you are executing research or an international education project at UGent, but are not paid by Ghent University, you will require a Single Permit as NON-EEA national. An official letter will be provided from UGent to confirm your secondment. This document is required by the Flemish authorities and mentions some of the details on the secondment such as the local employee, the duration and the income that is made available by your home employer or institution during the secondment.

The employment and wage conditions, as defined in the local contract and secondment letter with the employer in the home country and seconded person, remain applicable during the secondment at Ghent University. During the stay in Belgium, the seconded person will carry out research activities at Ghent University in function of his employment by the local employer and grant institution.

Social security affiliation commitment UGent

This letter confirms to the Belgian authorities that, after arrival, you will provide in an affiliation with a Belgian health insurance fund.

Proof of UGent as employer for health insurance fund

Employees from Ghent University (professorial and research staff) must provid this document to the health insurance fund to start your affiliation. It confirms that you are employed by Ghent University.

Single Permit communication

The single permit communication from the authorities can exists out of several letters. You can find here more information on the communication. All checks by the Belgian government need to be positive to receive the Single Permit that gives you the right to work for Ghent University and live in Belgium.

The average process time for the second part of the procedure is about 8 weeks, but may last a maximum of 4 months, and can be extended in case of questions. We will follow up on your file and keep the handling of your file under the attention of the competent government. We will upload the next documents as from the moment we receive news about your file.

Attestation for family reunion

A document that can be added to the visa family reunion application at the local Belgian embassy.

SMEDEM procedure

A letter to request the application of the SMEDEM procedure for the visa application for family members in case of family reunion can be provided. This document is only required for UGent scholarships who bring their family to Belgium.

Letter to open a Belgian bank account

This letter can be presented, together with the contract and your personal documents or Belgian ID card to open a bank account in Belgium.

Certificate of employment

This document can be presented if a certificate of employment is requested.

Attestation on the income for rental purposes

This document can be presented if a certificate of income is requested.