08-02-2024 CJS goes to Etmaal
01-02-2024 Stijn Joye on distant suffering for De Universiteit van Vlaanderen
24-01-2024 New article published on non-American fictional representations of journalism
17-01-2024 Sarah Van Leuven on (journalism) ethics for De Morgen
21-12-2023 Register now for the launch of 'De Kindwijzer': a guide for children and youth journalism
18-12-2023 Blog article on the representation of journalism in the television series Minx
13-12-2023 5th Press Freedom Seminar: Journalism and Artificial Intelligence
09-10-2023 Sarah Van Leuven on press leaks for Radio 1
28-09-2023 Upcoming PhD Defense Yoram Timmerman
21-09-2023 Film screening and lecture on the representation of journalism in the movie 'The French Dispatch'
21-09-2023 Sarah Van Leuven and Stijn Joye on media use in the Russia-Ukraine war in 'De Morgen'
19-09-2023 New article published on how audiences make sense of fictional representations of journalism
17-09-2023 New article published on incremental news updates by Flemish online media
10-08-2023 Interview with CJS-member Maxine De Wulf Helskens about her research for 'De Gentenaar' and 'Radio2'
09-08-2023 Call for participants: 'Bingewatching' for research
04-07-2023 CJS member Maxine De Wulf Helskens publishes opinion piece in De Standaard
21-06-2023 Press Briefing: ‘The Profile of the Belgian Journalist 2023’
20-06-2023 CJS at the International Conference on Environmental Psychology in Aarhus (Denmark)
14-06-2023 Press release: the Great Water survey
09-06-2023 CJS goes on team building: canoes, a quiz, and escape room games
01-06-2023 Blue Balance project presented at event "Oostende voor Anker"
29-05-2023 New article published on the representation of journalism in Flemish and international fictional movies and series
25-05-2023 CJS members attend the 73rd annual ICA conference in Canada
20-04-2023 Guest lecture at Universidad Complutense de Madrid
03-04-2023 New article published on the representation of female journalists in fiction series