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19-03-2015: Honorary doctorate:

* Seminar Environmental technology
* Keynote speech prof. van Loosdrecht

19-09-2015: Solemn proclamation

NewsBezoek Koning Filip aan Puratos

Prof. Dewettinck meets HRH King Filip

On January 13 2015, Puratos had the honor of receiving His Majesty the King of Belgium. King Philippe took part in a roundtable discussion, as part of a working visit. The theme of the roundtable was nutrition and innovation in food.

There was a debate on specific challenges and opportunities. Prof. Koen Dewettinck, Chairman of the Department of Food safety and Food Quality of Ghent University, was invited to comment on the so-called ‘good’ and ‘bad’ fats in our diet and the technological challenges involved. Also taking part in the discussion were Prof. Jan Delcour (KULeuven) and Prof. Fred Brouns (Maastricht University).

Additionally, the role of the food industry was tackled by Chris Moris, CEO of FEVIA, and Bernard Deryckere, chairman of FEVIA, and there was a discussion on innovation and how Belgium can continue to play a pioneering role