Master's dissertation

All about master's dissertation at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering UGent.

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1. How to choose your master's dissertation subject?

Choose your master's dissertation subject

Master's dissertation abroad? 

2. How is your master's dissertation subject assigned? What do you do before the start of your master's dissertation? 

Assigning of your master's dissertation

Before the start of your master's dissertation

3. What can you expect during your master's dissertation process?

Timeline 2023-2024

Timeline 2024-2025

Guidance by promotor/tutor

Student rights and obligations

4. Are there specific guidelines for the report and presentation?

Written dissertation: content and layout

Master's dissertation presentation: content and layout

5. How to submit? What are the evaluation criteria?

Submission deadlines and defence dates

Evaluation criteria

6. Are there any awards/prizes for master's dissertation?

View all awards and prizes you can win with your master's dissertation.

7. In case of questions or problems?

Question? Send a mail to

Problems? Contact your ombudsperson.