Sublease and transfer of rental agreement

Exchange program or internship

Since 1 January 2019 and only in case you participate in an exchange program or internship, you are allowed to transfer your lease or sublet your living unit.
Please keep in mind that the respective transferee or subtenant must meet the admission conditions, to be able to rent a living unit.

Provide the reason for the transfer or sublease (exchange or internship) and the address and contact details of the transferee or subtenant to the Housing Office, well before the scheduled starting date of the transfer or subletting, since a check is necessary whether the transfer or subletting can be permitted.

Please note that, in the event of subletting, you must provide the Housing Office with a copy of the subletting agreement.
You can do this by  or deliver the letter by mail or in person to the Housing Office.


A sublease means that a sublease agreement is concluded between the main tenant and the subtenant to which UGent is not a signing party. 

It is highly recommended to use the available English or Dutch model agreement from the UGent.