Security department and emergency centre (24/7)

The security department of Ghent University can assist on campus in case of medical emergencies, technical problems, threatening or suspicious situations, ...

View on Stalhof
View on Stalhof
Urgent matters

Emergency number: +32 9 264 88 88

Matters that require follow up

The Emergency Centre is located at the eastside of home Vermeylen, the same building of the Housing Office.

At Stalhof 6, down the street for about 15 seconds of the main entrance of Home Vermeylen, a green gate at the postbox of Stalhof 8 can be found on your right-hand side. A couple of meters before the green gate, at their window, you can ring the bell to request information or assistance.

Security department
T +32 9 264 71 25
F +32 9 264 72 89
Stalhof 6
9000 Gent

Entrance of the Emergency Centre
Entrance of the Emergency Centre
Please make sure following information is available:

  • your name and surname and contact details
  • details of the incident
  • exact location of the incident (building/floor/room number of the location/address,…)
  • immediate danger?
  • Necessary interventions (e.g. fire department/ambulance/…) + information of persons who are already helping out (for example: First Intervention Team,…)
  • Casualties?
  • Hazardous materials/substances: information of the substances involved
  • Contact details of persons who can be contacted in case we (or emergency personnel) need more information

Even when an incident occurred that didn’t require our intervention, please inform us in order to distribute the details to the necessary departments (for example insurance or technical support).

When all danger has subsided please use the other contact possibilities (tel 7125 or

Our response to incidents

  • Gaining information by asking specific questions
  • Call for assistance from fire department and/or ambulance if necessary
  • Contacting members of personnel UGent (for example: security, concierge, technical teams,…)
  • Gathering and distributing information so other departments can follow up (repairs,…)