Diversity in art contest

The Diversity & Inclusion Commission of the faculty of Bioscience Engineering issues a call for creative staff and students to paint a canvas. Each department chair and students received 3 canvases to distribute within his/her department. The aim is to bring creativity to the faculty and show that apart from working, we can also find each other in other ways. Topic of this contest is to realize a creative interpretation of diversity.

For whom

All faculty employees or students of the faculty of Bioscience Engineering can apply for the art competition and have their work immortalized on our faculty walls.

How to apply

Sign up on the 6th floor of Block B for a canvas and return your finished artwork there by 15 March 2023


Expo from 22nd of March until 31st of March.


Campus Coupure, Blok E, corridor first floor, Coupure Links 653, 9000 Gent


Prof. dr. Pieter Spanoghe, faculty diversity chairperson of FBE (Pieter.Spanoghe@ugent.be)