Trainingprogramme on Diversity and Inclusion

The university provides various training courses for employees on diversity themes.

Inclusive recruiting: unconscious bias for selection committees zap

A training to break through unconscious biases in selection and promotion procedures. You learn skills to attract, recruit, evaluate candidates more objectively.

Active Bystander

A training with a focus on techniques to act effectively when colleagues are victims or witnesses of transgressive behaviour. You learn verbal and non-verbal skills to better respond to micro-aggressions.

Transgender awareness

A training with a focus on guidance and education on gender identity and expression in the workplace as preparation for a constructive collaboration with a transgender colleague.

Integrating gender and diversity dimensions in research

A training that provides practical guidance – with a toolkit – for those who want to integrate gender and diversity-sensitive themes in research proposals.

U can register via the following link:

Inclusive communication: intercultural and interpersonal interaction

A training with a focus on communication skills when cultural differences are responsible for a malfunctioning team. You reflect on your own reference pattern (values, norms, rituals...) and the different dimensions of culture.

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