Language buddies

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Ghent University provides a language buddy for every first-year student who wants extra language support. A language buddy is a student from your year or a higher year in your study programme. They will help you better understand academic Dutch (English?) by:

  • guiding you around campus during the first weeks, if you want them to;
  • answering your questions about classes and courses;
  • meeting with you at least 5 times during the first semester to discuss your course material.

Deadline for application is the end of October.

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become a language buddy

Ghent University wants to help first-year students enhance their language skills. You can contribute by becoming a language buddy!

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What do we expect from you?

  1. You act as a guide on campus during the first 4 weeks after matching, if requested by the first-year student;
  2. You help the first-year student with text comprehension (both in terms of lectures and course materials);
  3. You meet a minimum of 5 times during the first semester. In the discussions, you focus on the course material: the goal is to strengthen academic language use.

What’s in it for you?

  • An expanded network: you’ll meet fellow students from other study programmes and faculties.
  • Practical experience as a surplus on your resume.
  • The opportunity to strengthen your didactic and communication skills.
  • A sandwich and drinks at the training.
  • A badge to which the various learning objectives are linked.

The learning objectives of a language buddy

A language buddy...

  • is able to frame a language support question and offer appropriate solutions;
  • is able to set up a constructive dialogue with peers within and outside their own study programme, taking into account (inter)personal and cultural factors;
  • has a clear view on their own language skills and knows how to use them adequately;
  • recognizes the added value of linguistic diversity.