Monitoring Education

Systematic data-driven critical reflection and decision-making are essential ingredients of a fully-fledged university-wide quality culture. These elements provide an objective angle to engage in any discussion on the quality and the appreciation of education. 

The following quality performance tools (both qualitative and quantitative) are used to carry out data collection: 

Education Monitors

The Education Monitors (in Dutch) for study programmes, faculties and the central administration are built according to the PDCA principle. They contain the operational objectives for each of the policy levels mentioned above. These objectives are checked on an annual basis and result in a quality improvement plan. 

Ghent University’s Integrated Business Intelligence System

Ghent University’s Integrated Business Intelligence System (UGI) processes into reports the results of all the different types of surveys as well as any other education-related data (student data, teaching staff data, study programme data and study progress data, …). These reports are automatically integrated into the Education Monitors and are used as evidence to monitor and perform checks on each policy level’s operational objectives.
lease find a concise manual here.



Different types of surveys are used to gather feedback from internal and external stakeholders: