Biodiversity plan 2020-2030

As a large landowner, Ghent University can make a difference with a visionary policy on green space and biodiversity. In addition, greenery gives us more attractive campuses for students, staff and visitors/passers. Read here the biodiversity plan 2020-2030.


Ghent University will retain and strengthen green space and biodiversity in areas for which it is responsible. In
doing so, it achieves progress in both quantity and quality, at campus and institutional level and thus uses a net
gain in terms of green space and biodiversity as a starting point.
This means that Ghent University:
  • preserves the available green areas and biodiversity on its sites
  • is working on expanding and improving the quality of the greenery on its campuses
  • uses green areas and biodiversity as a fully-fledged guideline in policy decisions.

Strategic framework

In order to realise the biodiversity plan with specific objectives and actions, five strategic pillars are put forward:

1. appropriate design and management of green space and biodiversity on campuses;
2. integration and anchoring of green space and biodiversity in policy decisions on development projects
3. measurement and monitoring
4. communication and involvement;
5. using UGent expertise via a working group on biodiversity.

Follow-up reports