Sustainights (EN)

Does climate news make you angry and worried? Do you sometimes feel alone and powerless? Do you want to learn more or do you want to get started yourself ? Do you want to improve the world, your campus, or yourself? Then we think you'll find your thing during the sustainights at the Green Hub. With info and discussion moments, workshops and various cool sustainability actions where we as students can take the lead and make a difference during the academic year.

Making Tomorrow: the kick-off

We start each semester with Making Tomorrow. An event where a mass of students come together in the Green Hub to unite around sustainability actions and projects we want to work around in the coming months.


Tuesday, 17/10 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. 


18h: snack and drink

18h30: Introduction and pitch of the projects we want to work around in the coming year 

19h30: Join the theme tables:

  • How do we make faculties more sustainable? Can we set up a sustainable student team per campus, of committed students, members of the praesidium, student representatives, students initiating projects start up projects?
  • Sustainable food: UGent is taking a big step backwards in our restos by greatly reducing the offer of plant-based meals being greatly reduced. The demand from students does not follow to the same extent. How do we motivate students to choose more plant-based?
  • Unhardening and greening: On both campus Rozier and campus Dunant, we can break out softening in the autumn break out softening and create a pleasant green space create. For this, we need helping hands? And maybe you also see new opportunities that we can prepare?
  • Action following the climate summit: We went through a strange period. Suddenly we had to not strive to take steps forward, but to preserve what we already have. Will you help find ways to put get sustainability at UGent high on the agenda? The climate summit in December seems like an ideal time.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Badra Djait, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, along with the working group, network, and Diversity and Inclusion committees, is committed to various projects that contribute to a university that is open to all students and staff - regardless of their philosophical, political, cultural, and social backgrounds.
  • Dare to Think Diversely: Founded by Khalid Benhaddou, the "Dare to Think Diversely" platform consists of a group of volunteers who want to make the university an inclusive place that is accessible and attractive to all. This is done by organizing activities, where we want to raise involvement and awareness among students and teaching staff.

20h30: Green Hub café 


Green Hub, first floor of the UFO (side Vooruit), Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33, Ghent

Upcoming Sustainights for this semester

More to be announced!

    Thursday 12/10 - Political Youth Debate (Dutch-speaking)

    Young people from different political parties will debate with each other on themes that worry young inhabitants of Ghent: 1/ affordable housing, 2/ a livable city, 3/ a good city life for all inhabitants of Ghent and 4/ good use of public space.

    • 19:30 @ Auditorium 2, Blandijnberg 2
    • In collaboration with Gents Milieufront
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    • More info on Facebook

    Wednesday 25/10 - Circular Economy Challenge

    Student teams together invent solutions for a circular economy.

    • In collaboration with Bisc-E
    • More info follows soon!

    Tuesday 7/11 - Post-Apocalyptic Environmentalism: the green movement in times of catastrophe

    "Save the future, it's not too late". But what if catastrophic environmental disasters are already happening? What does it mean to acknowledge that, and does that include political potential? And what then is meaningful action for environmental movements? Carl Cassegård and Håkan Thörn of Gothenburg University come to present the insights of their book "post-apocalyptic environmentalism.

    • 19:30 @Auditorium A - Jean-Norbert Cloquet, T2, Campus Ufo (Travel Directions)
    • Part of the Climate Justice Lecture Series, in collaboration with Sociology, Global Studies and Governance in Conflict network.
    • Register here.

    Tuesday 21/11 - Youth Climate Summit

    Learn about the climate summit and learn about international climate diplomacy. Have a conversation with an international climate activist. And write climate policy recommendations with other young people. Your written recommendations will be taken to COP28 by the UN youth representative. Let your voice be heard!

    • 9:30-17:00
    • Part of the Climate Justice Lecture Series, in collaboration with Globelink, 11.11.11, Global Studies and Governance in Conflict network.
    • Register here.

    Tuesday 12/12 - Future Proef Award UGent.

    • Candidates present their sustainable thesis research and the jury will announce who wins the Future Proef Award UGent!
    • 17:00-19:00 @ Pacificatiezaal Stad Gent, Botermarkt 1, 9000 Gent
    • In collaboration with the city of Ghent

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