Sustainable Catering

Taking care of your sustainable catering

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Every department needs a caterer for meetings or events sometimes. Many want to organize this in a sustainable way, but often don’t know what to request. 

Therefore the Green Office started working with different Ghent caterers. Together we compiled ‘the sustainable UGent option’. You determine what should be included in their assortment. They then ensure that your order meets minimum sustainability requirements. Meanwhile 44 Ghent caterers already joined! 

We compiled an information brochure for caterers, packed with interesting (Ghent) tips on sustainable food and catering. We consulted the caterers and defined the basic requirements which an order must meet as well as noted all the sustainable initiatives  the caterers take. In the summer of 2019 we updated the brochure, which included a lot of input from users, experts and caterers. 

We summarized this information for employees in a list of sustainable caterers. All useful information at a glance. 


You only have to do one thing: pick your favorite Ghent caterer from the list and order ‘the sustainable UGent option’. The caterer will know what to do. 

The sustainable UGent-option: basic requirements 

All caterers in this list offer the sustainable UGent option. For us, this is the minimum that the caterer must meet to be considered sustainable. 

  1. - At least 50% varied vegetarian offer 
  2. - Fish with label and with vegetable diet 
  3. - Only meat with a low footprint and with attention to animal welfare 

The sustainable UGent-option: other sustainability aspects 

In addition to the basic requirements we present the other sustainable initiatives which the listed caterers take or can provide: 

  • Fair trade, seasonal, organic and short-chain products 
  • Low-waste operation and residual processing 
  • Social projects 
  • Green transportation 
  • Possibility of offering 100% vegetarian and/or vegan supply 

This allows you to choose the caterer whose profile is closest to your heart, in every price category. 

And now? 

  • We will continue adding Ghent caterers to the list. Is your caterer missing?
  • We keep in touch with the caterers. Which example actions or further steps do they take; what are their experiences? Through our brochure – developed specifically for them, but usable for everyone – we hope to pass on good examples and raise the bar bit by bit. 
  • We also like to hear feedback from our colleagues. What were your experiences like? Do you have any tips? How can you raise the bar even higher? .
Don’t forget. Call, mail or write your caterer and ask him/her/them about the sustainable UGent option!