Recognition of previously acquired competences (EVC)


Students can be exempted from a course unit if they can present a study certificate that proves they have passed an equivalent course unit at another higher education institute, but also when they can prove that they have acquired the competences of the course unit elsewhere, for example as the result of a professional practice.

Ghent University has  worked out a procedure for this in collaboration with the other higher education institutes of Ghent University Association.

Portfolio and Proof of Competence

Any student who wishes to have the previously acquired competences recognized, in order to be granted an exemption, has to draw up a portfolio with documented proofs per competence. The portfolio is assessed by 2 experts. If necessary, a competence-oriented interview with the candidate will be organised. The final decision is eventually taken by a third expert.

During the EVC procedure and the drawing up of the portfolio, the student is coached by a third person who is not involved in its assessment.

For competences that are subsequently recognized, the applicant obtains a proof of competence document that can be used to apply for exemption. If the student does not agree with the decision, he/she can appeal with the Ghent University Association. In such cases a third assessor from another institution is added  to the assessment team. As a last resort, students can also appeal the refusal of an EVC (elsewhere acquired competence) with the Board for Disputes with regard to Study Progress Decisions in Brussels.

The fee for the EVC procedure to be paid by the student,  amounts to between 150 and 700 EUR. These amounts have been legally provided for in a Flemish Decree.

At the universities (including UGent) more exemptions are awarded on the basis of study certificates than on the basis of recognized competences acquired elsewhere, but there are cases where students have been granted large numbers of exemptions on the basis of EVC leading to a considerable shortening of their study track and study duration.

The competences mentioned in the ECTS course sheets of the course catalogue play an important role in the recognition of EVC and the awarding of exemptions. The student has to be able to show in his portfolio that these competences have been acquired. The specific content as such dealt with in the course unit is not of primary importance.

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