Sustainights (EN)

Does climate news make you angry and worried? Do you sometimes feel alone and powerless? Do you want to learn more or do you want to get started yourself ? Do you want to improve the world, your campus, or yourself? Then we think you'll find your thing during the sustainights at the Green Hub. With info and discussion moments, workshops and various cool sustainability actions where we as students can take the lead and make a difference during the academic year.

Making Tomorrow: the relaunch

We start the semester with a new Making Tomorrow. An event where 100 students come together in the foyer to unite around sustainability actions and projects that we want to work on in the coming months.  We are already thinking of these:

  • Greening: On campus Dunant we are going to plant a tiny forest, we are organising a climbing plant competition and we are going to garden together with student organisation Stujardin. The more we are, the more we can do!
  • Summer schools: Students have already organised a successful 'summer school climate' twice. Last year, the 'summer school animal welfare' was added. Through workshops and lectures, students from different backgrounds learn for five days about the challenges related to these pressing issues. Would you like to join us?
  • Swap packaging materials: Which companies in Ghent have to send something regularly and need packaging materials to do so? And which professional groups have something to offer? Can we link?
  • Ecomarkted: On 24 April, we are organising a new edition: a market full of sustainable products and a big Vlömarkt! Do you want to help organise it and/or give it a new impulse?
  • Sustainability scan: Students indicate that they do not feel adequately prepared to deal with the challenges of the future. What will the education of the future look like? And what can students do to change this?
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Do you dream of a university that is accessible and inclusive for everyone? What steps can we take towards a university where discrimination, colonialism and social inequality have no place?
  • Sustainable cooking: How do we get more sustainable and plant-based food on the menu of UGent staff and students?
  • Catapa has a number of environmental activists on mining from Peru visiting. We want to organize an evening with them on 9 March. Do you want to help organise this event?
  • Communication: Ideas to increase the reach among students with good communication campaigns, social media, ...? Writing talent that you would like to use to put sustainable student research in the spotlight on the FUTUREproef website?


6:30 pm: doors open

6:45 pm: introduction

19:00: introduction Green Office and other projects

19:50 Join actions and projects, and brainstorm, work out concrete actions or just have a chat

21:00 chat


Tuesday 15 February - 18:30 - Foyer UFO - Free of charge - NL/EN

Upcoming Sustainights for this semester

  • KMF & GO lecture: the Citizens' Parliament, a democratic way out of the crisis?

Tuesday 22 February - 20h - Room -3.1 (Technicum Block 1)

  • Green Community Café: get to know each other (speeddate)

Tuesday 1 March - 20h - Green Hub

  • Green Community @Belmundo Festival: International Women's Day

Tuesday, March 8 - hour depending on schedule - gather at Green Hub

  • City Game: Who are the most sustainable Stu(d)(G)enten?

Tuesday 15 March - hour depending on schedule - meeting at Green Hub

  • Green Community @Belmundo Cinema

Tuesday, March 22 - hour depending on schedule - meeting at Green Hub

  • Green Community Cafe: skillshare

Tuesday, March 29 - 8 pm - Green Hub

  • Workshop with The Transformists and Rethinking Economics (to be confirmed)

Tuesday 19 April - 20h - Green Hub

  • By Students: in the spotlights, Groene Ruijter Award & Futureproef afterevent

Tuesday 26 April - 19h - Green Hub

  • UGent's edible plants tour with Stujardin

Tuesday, May 3 - 18h30 - Location to be determined

  • Thank you for being with us: closing event Making Tomorrow second semester

Tuesday 10 May - 20h - Green Hub

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