Joe Cannataci is awarded the Amnesty International Chair 2024

(27-02-2024) Ghent University honors Joe Cannataci with the Amnesty International Chair for his prominent role in privacy protection.

Ghent University designates Joe Cannataci the Amnesty International Chair in recognition of his significant role in privacy protection. Acknowledging his outstanding contribution to global privacy rights, Cannataci, former UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy from 2015 to 2021, is honored for his dedication and leadership in this vital field.

Public Lecture

To share his insights on the complexity of privacy as a universal right, Cannataci will deliver a public lecture on Tuesday, 26 March at 8:00 p.m. at the Gent Arts Center VIERNULVULIER. This lecture provides a unique opportunity for the audience to delve deeper into issues surrounding privacy, identity, and human rights, and to reflect on the significance of privacy in an increasingly digitized world.

Who is Joe Cannataci?

Joe Cannataci, currently Head of Information Policy & Governance at the University of Malta and Co-Director of the STeP Research Group at the University of Groningen, has amassed extensive expertise in privacy law and policy. As a Senior Fellow at the CNAM Security-Defense-Intelligence Department in Paris and affiliated with the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies at the University of Oxford, Cannataci continues his commitment to protecting privacy rights on a global scale.

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